This privacy policy applies to the website ("WEBSITE"), and those who visit and become members by approving the membership agreement will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions specified below. Therefore, it is important for MEMBERS who wish to benefit from the services provided by Manuzone by registering on the WEBSITE to read the following terms and conditions. Please read this "Privacy Policy" carefully before becoming a member of our website.


Article 1. Purpose of the Agreement:

This agreement is executed between Manuzone and the "Member" in order to protect the confidentiality of Confidential Information disclosed to each other, but which they do not want to be disclosed to the public, become common knowledge, or be disclosed and made available to third parties.

Article 2. Definitions:

Confidential Information: Refers to all data, samples, technical and economic information, commercialization, research strategy, trade secrets, and know-how, which will be disclosed to the Parties due to a contract or agreement to be conducted between them, but which has not been disclosed to the public. Confidential Information includes, without limitation, the following:

All written and oral information, ideas, and estimates disclosed in connection with the purpose,

All information exchanged orally through conversations, discussions, negotiations, meetings, or correspondence between the Parties,

All analyses, compilations, studies, proposals, and other documents prepared by both parties,

All commercial agreements or contracts concluded between the parties, contracts involving the exchange of confidential information.

Information Discloser: The party disclosing Confidential Information to the other party or whose Confidential Information is learned.

Information Recipient: The party receiving Confidential Information related to the other party.

Non-Confidential Information: The Information Recipient shall not be held responsible or liable for using any Confidential Information with the following characteristics, except as provided in the contract. The Confidential Information defined below shall be considered to have lost its confidentiality:

If the Confidential Information was known by the Information Recipient on the date it was received, and this situation can be proven with evidence(s),

If the Confidential Information has been independently developed by personnel of the Information Recipient who were not aware of such Confidential Information, and this situation can be proven with evidence(s),

If the Confidential Information has become public knowledge due to a reason other than a breach or fault of this agreement,

If the Confidential Information has been consented to be freely transmitted or used by third parties, provided that the disclosing party has given written consent,

If the Information Recipient is required to disclose the Confidential Information to Judicial or Administrative authorities within the framework of the law, the Information Recipient may disclose the Confidential Information by informing the Information Discloser in writing beforehand.

Article 3. Parties:

This agreement is executed between Manuzone, the owner of the usage rights of the ("WEBSITE") website, residing at Kurtuluş Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No:39/15 Odunpazarı / ESKİŞEHİR / TURKEY, and the internet user ("MEMBER") who becomes a member of the website to receive services. "Manuzone" and "MEMBER" will hereinafter be referred to as "Party" when used individually and "Parties" when used together.

Article 4. Subject of the Agreement:

The subject of this Agreement is to determine the obligations of the parties regarding ensuring the confidentiality of the Confidential Information, which is shared between Manuzone, the owner of the usage rights of the ("WEBSITE") website, where MEMBER becomes a member to benefit from products/services, and residing at Kurtuluş Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No:39/15 Odunpazarı / ESKİŞEHİR / TURKEY, the nature of which is explained in the definitions section of Article 2.

Article 5. Approval of the Agreement:

The MEMBER agrees and declares that they have knowledge of the provisions of the privacy policy in order to become a member of and benefit from the services, that they have confirmed this information electronically, and that they will comply with the provisions of this privacy policy for as long as they are a member of

Article 6. Rights and Obligations of the Parties:

6.1. Upon approval of this Agreement, each Party undertakes to strictly keep all information of a confidential nature private and secret, to consider it as an obligation to keep secrets, and to take all necessary measures and show the necessary care to ensure and maintain confidentiality, and to prevent the disclosure of Confidential Information or any part thereof to a third party other than the employees of the receiving party, without entering the public domain or obtaining the written consent of the disclosing party.

6.2. Furthermore, each Party expressly undertakes under this Agreement not to use Confidential Information, directly or indirectly, for their own benefit or that of any third party for any reason, and not to allow it to be used for any purpose other than the purpose permitted by the disclosing Party.

6.3. Each Party agrees to not disclose, report, publish, or reveal any Confidential Information to any third party, company, agent, or institution, or to take all necessary legal or other measures to avoid such disclosure in any way, except as provided in paragraph 6.4.

6.4. Each Party undertakes to disclose Confidential Information to employees, proxies or representatives, only on a strict "need-to-know" basis and upon the explicit written consent of the disclosing Party, provided that they are bound by obligations that are no less stringent than those contained in this Agreement.

6.5. Each Party expressly undertakes that Confidential Information will not be copied, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the concerned party.

6.6. Upon the termination of the Membership and other agreements by each Party, all documents containing Confidential Information under this Agreement shall be returned to the disclosing party or other persons designated by the disclosing party, without prejudice to other obligations.

6.7. Each Party possessing Confidential Information shall return all kinds of information they have to the other party upon termination of the service relationship between the parties. Reports, compilations, analyses, comments, etc., prepared using Confidential Information will be destroyed, and digital copies of these documents will be deleted in an irreversible manner.

6.8. Each Party acknowledges that their Confidential Information and the rights in this information remain in their own ownership and that the disclosure of this information does not grant any rights or property rights to the disclosing party. No provision within the scope of this agreement can be interpreted as granting the Parties a specific right/license to use the Confidential Information of the other party, protected under intellectual and industrial property laws or other legislation. Parties can only obtain such usage rights through other agreements independent of this agreement.

6.9. The Information Recipient is jointly and severally liable for the actions of their employees or those working on their behalf, contrary to the confidentiality provisions of this agreement, and accepts and undertakes that their employees or those working on their behalf will adhere to confidentiality principles. The Information Recipient is primarily responsible for the disclosing party in the event of confidentiality breaches by those working on their behalf.

6.10. When one Party becomes aware that the confidential information of the other Party has been disclosed in violation of the agreement by persons they are responsible for, they are obliged to immediately inform the other Party in writing.

6.11. Each Party acknowledges that, in the event of a breach of any of the obligations imposed upon them by this Agreement, the other Party may suffer significant damage due to the mere violation of the aforementioned obligations, even if the Confidential Information is returned. Therefore, each Party undertakes to fully compensate the other Party for any such damage incurred.

6.12. Each Party acknowledges that they have the right to prevent any threats to confidentiality or to legally stop the ongoing breach of confidentiality by the information recipient, and in the event of obtaining a decision against the violating Party, the said Party will compensate the other Party's litigation expenses and costs, including attorney fees.

Article 7. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:

7.1. Turkish Legal Legislation (Turkish Criminal Code, Code of Obligations, Turkish Commercial Code, Consumer Law, Turkish Civil Code, and other legal regulations) shall apply in disputes that may arise in connection with this agreement.

7.2. Manuzone has the right to share the confidential information of the MEMBER with the relevant official authorities in case of a criminal complaint or official investigation request from the official authorities regarding the MEMBER.

7.3. Eskişehir Courts and Enforcement Offices shall have jurisdiction in resolving any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this agreement.

Article 8. Effectiveness:

The MEMBER declares and accepts that they have read this Agreement in such a way as to leave no room for objection and accept its content. This Agreement enters into force indefinitely between the parties when the MEMBER clicks the "I have read and accept the Privacy Agreement" checkbox and presses the "Sign Up" button. The Company may amend the provisions of this agreement at any time. The amendments become effective upon publication on the Site. The parties may terminate this agreement, together with the membership agreement, at any time by mutual written declaration.