By this membership agreement, visitors and/or those who benefit from the services offered through the website ("WEBSITE") shall be deemed to have accepted the conditions and terms specified below. Therefore, reading the conditions and terms below is important for using the WEBSITE. Please read this 'Membership Agreement' carefully before registering on our website.


Article 1. Purpose of the Agreement:

This agreement is made between manuzone and the "Member" to regulate the terms of use of the website.

Article 2. Definitions:

Website Owner: Manuzone.

Member: A real and/or legal person who completes the information on the Register page fully, with the purpose of benefiting from the services offered by Manuzone.

Membership Agreement: This agreement is made electronically between persons who will benefit from the services offered by Manuzone through the website and Manuzone.

Platform Membership: An advanced membership system in which the Company Information Page editing service provided by Manuzone is used.

Personal data: Any information collected for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement, such as the member's name-surname, identity information, billing and delivery address, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, visit records, etc.

Username: The email address specified in the Membership Form filled out by the MEMBER during registration.

Password: It is determined by the MEMBER in the Membership Form filled out during system entry by the MEMBER.

Usage: The MEMBER entering the system with their username and password to benefit from the services requiring membership on

Traffic information: Refers to IP address, port information, start and end time of the provided service, type of the utilized service, amount of data transferred, and subscriber identity information, if any, related to the parties.

Content provider: Refers to real or legal persons who produce, modify, and provide any information or data made available to users on the internet.

Publication made on the internet: Refers to data located on the internet and accessible to an indefinite number of people in terms of content.

Hosting provider: Refers to real or legal persons who provide or operate systems hosting services and content.

Article 3. Parties:

The usage rights of the ("WEBSITE") website belong to Manuzone, residing at Kurtuluş Mah. Cumhuriyet Bulv. No:39/15 Odunpazarı Eskişehir /Turkey (hereinafter referred to as "manuzone"), and the internet user who becomes a member of the WEBSITE ("MEMBER"). "manuzone" and "MEMBER" will be referred to as "Party" when used individually, and as "Parties" when used together.

Article 4. Subject of the Agreement:

The subject of this Agreement is to determine the conditions of use and benefits for the MEMBER from the WEBSITE owned by Manuzone, in order to utilize the current services offered by Manuzone, to promote the company and its products using the company description platform provided by Manuzone, and to benefit from other services to be offered by Manuzone in the future, as well as to determine the rights and obligations of the parties.

Article 5. Approval of the Agreement:

The MEMBER declares and accepts that they have filled out the membership form accurately and completely in order to become a member of, that they have knowledge of the provisions of the membership agreement, that they have confirmed this preliminary information electronically, and that they will comply with the provisions of this membership agreement at each use.

Article 6. Rights and Obligations of the Parties:

6.1. The MEMBER agrees and undertakes to comply with all legal regulations while using the Website, not to violate the rules and conditions mentioned in this Agreement and other relevant sections of the website, and to be fully and exclusively responsible for all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise in case of violation. The MEMBER also acknowledges and approves that they understand all the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

6.2. The MEMBER can conduct transactions on the site for legal purposes. The MEMBER accepts and undertakes that all legal and criminal responsibility for the transactions they perform is on them, and they will not engage in any actions that would infringe the rights of Manuzone and/or third parties. Manuzone is not responsible for any damages suffered by third parties due to the MEMBER's breach of their obligations under this article.

6.3. The MEMBER may not engage in activities or transactions that prevent or impede others from using the services on the Website (such as spam, viruses, etc.).

6.4. The MEMBER may not use the Website in any way that disrupts public order, is contrary to general morality, disturbs or harasses others, infringes the intellectual and copyright rights of others, or for any illegal purpose.

6.5. Opinions and expressions stated by the MEMBER on the Website are exclusively their personal views and comments, and the MEMBER is solely responsible for the consequences of these views and opinions. These views and opinions have no connection or affiliation with Manuzone. Manuzone does not have any responsibility for damages that third parties or institutions may suffer due to the ideas and opinions that the MEMBER will declare.

6.6. The MEMBER accepts, declares, and undertakes that the personal and other information they provide while registering to the Website is accurate and that they will immediately and in cash indemnify Manuzone for all damages that may be incurred due to the inaccuracy of this information. In such cases, the MEMBER's membership can be unilaterally terminated by Manuzone.

6.7. The security, storage, and keeping access tools (such as username, password, etc.) used by the members to benefit from the services provided by the site away from the knowledge of third parties, and issues related to their use are entirely the responsibility of the members. The site has no direct or indirect responsibility for any damages suffered or may be suffered by members and/or third parties due to the negligence and faults of members in matters such as the security, storage, and keeping of access tools away from the knowledge of third parties and their use.

6.8. The right to use the password obtained from the Website belongs exclusively to the MEMBER. The MEMBER cannot give this password to any third party. All legal and criminal responsibility regarding the use of the password belongs to the MEMBER. The MEMBER accepts, declares, and undertakes that all transactions made using the username and password were made by them and that they are unconditionally responsible for them, and that Manuzone will not be held responsible for any problems and disputes that may arise from the use of the password in any way.

6.9. Manuzone will not be held responsible for unauthorized persons obtaining MEMBER data and for any damages that may come to MEMBER software and data. The MEMBER accepts in advance that they will not claim compensation from Manuzone for any damages they may suffer due to the use of the Website.

6.10. Members cannot transfer this agreement or the rights and obligations within the scope of this agreement, member profiles, or member information, partially or entirely, to any third party without the written consent of the site; membership cannot be opened to the use of others. The site cannot be held directly or indirectly responsible for any damages that third parties may suffer or may suffer as a result of such transfers or unauthorized uses. The membership of the member who is found to have transferred or allowed others to use their membership will be canceled.

6.11. Manuzone may provide links to other websites and/or other content for the purpose of facilitating directing members. There is no responsibility of the company for the websites and/or content accessed through these links on the site.

6.12. Manuzone may suspend or completely stop the operation of the system at any time, due to updates, technical requirements, or any other reason. Manuzone will not have any responsibility to the members or third parties due to the temporary suspension or complete termination of the system.

6.13. Manuzone cannot be held responsible for legal disputes that may arise between MEMBERs engaging in commercial activities by contacting through the promotional service provided by the Manuzone platform. Manuzone will not be a party in any commercial and/or consumer disputes that will be experienced by real and/or legal persons engaging in commercial activities with companies whose information is available on the Manuzone platform by visiting the website as a MEMBER or without being a member.

6.14. Manuzone has the right to suspend or terminate the membership of the MEMBER unilaterally without assuming any liability and to delete all data, documents, and files belonging to the MEMBER at any time.

6.15. All intellectual property rights related to the design and software of the Website and the textual and visual content of products and services belong to Manuzone and cannot be used by the MEMBER without the written permission of Manuzone. The MEMBER accepts, declares, and undertakes to immediately and lump-sum indemnify the damages that Manuzone will suffer in case of non-compliance with these rules; that the copyright of the services, product prices, images, descriptions, and website software provided by Manuzone on the Website belongs to Manuzone; not to reproduce, distribute, publish, or market this software or services in any way without permission; not to enter the services offered with different methods and forms unauthorized by Manuzone and not to change the software in any way.

6.16. For the purpose of improving and developing the Website and/or within the framework of legal regulations, some information such as the name of the internet service provider used to access the site and the internet protocol (IP) address, the date and time of access to the site, the pages accessed while on the site, and the internet address of the website that directly connects to the site can be collected, processed, and used for legal purposes.

6.17. Manuzone has taken measures within the scope of existing facilities to ensure that the Website is free of viruses and similar malicious software. However, in order to provide the ultimate security, the user must supply their own virus protection system and ensure the necessary protection. In this context, by entering the Website, the MEMBER is deemed to have accepted that they are responsible for all errors and their direct or indirect consequences that may occur in their software and operating systems.

6.18. Manuzone has the right to change the content, design, and software of the Website at any time, to change, suspend, or terminate any service provided to users, and to delete user information and data registered on the Website at any time.

6.19. Manuzone can update, change, or revoke the conditions of this Agreement at any time without any prior notice and/or warning. Updated, changed, or revoked provisions will be effective for all MEMBERS from the date of publication.

6.20. Manuzone does not sell any products on its website. Manuzone shares promotional, product, access, and contact information of MEMBER companies. All types of information shared on the website are anonymized information shared by the relevant company on their own website. Consent has been obtained from the companies whose information is shared on the website by Manuzone via email. Consent information is stored digitally. No company that has not given consent will be featured on the site by Manuzone. All real and/or legal persons who give consent for their information to be featured on the site will be deemed to have accepted all of these matters.

6.21. Real and/or legal persons who want their promotional information to be featured on the Manuzone platform and who create a platform membership will be responsible for all types of media (photos, videos, etc.) and information related to their companies shared on the website. They will know that they are the content provider of all types of data they share and will fulfill their obligations within the scope of Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed through These Publications. They will not make shares that contain criminal content as specified in the law. Otherwise, the MEMBER who made the sharing is deemed to have accepted that they are responsible.

Article 7. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:

7.1. In disputes that may arise concerning this agreement, the provisions of this agreement shall be primarily applied, and in cases where there are no provisions, Turkish Legal Regulations (Code of Obligations, Turkish Commercial Code, Consumer Law, Turkish Civil Code, and other legal regulations) shall be applied.

7.2. Manuzone has the right to share the information of the MEMBER with the relevant official authorities in case any of the following situations occur: an official complaint or investigation request from the official authorities regarding the MEMBER, the detection of a sabotage or attack that would hinder the operation of the system by the MEMBER, and/or the cancellation of a MEMBER's membership due to the reasons specified in the agreement and their re-registration to commit the breach of contract again. Changes in services will be announced on the Website, and when necessary, the MEMBER will be asked to approve the contract changes by clicking the relevant button to benefit from the services.

7.3. Manuzone will share the traffic information it records regarding the access of members to the website with the requesting official authorities in case of an official investigation request from the official authorities.

7.4. Eskişehir Courts and Enforcement Offices will have jurisdiction in resolving any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this agreement.

Article 8. Effectiveness:

The MEMBER declares and accepts that they have read this Agreement without leaving any room for objection and accepted its content. When the MEMBER fills out the membership form and clicks the box "I have read and accept the Membership Agreement" at the bottom of the form, and presses the "Sign Up" button, this Agreement enters into force indefinitely between the parties. The Company may change the provisions of this agreement at any time. The changes made will come into effect by being published on the Site. Parties can terminate this agreement with mutual written declarations at any time.