Istanbul / Türkiye

About Us

Abr Alüminyum is a leading company specializing in aluminum accessories, committed to providing world-class anodizing solutions since 2004. Our company was founded with the aim of addressing the global demand for high-quality aluminum accessories and has continuously expanded its services over the years. 

Our Services: 

Anodizing (Eloxal): We offer anodizing services for aluminum profiles and accessories, ensuring the highest quality finish. Whether you need a natural anodized coating or custom colors ranging from yellow to black, we have you covered. 

Electrostatic Coloring: In addition to anodizing, we provide electrostatic coloring services to meet your specific design and aesthetic requirements. 

Chemical Polishing: We have the capability to chemically polish materials up to 3 meters in length, ensuring a smooth and pristine finish. 

Customization: Our services extend to a wide range of industries, including the automotive sector, construction, industrial applications, furniture, and more. We offer specialized profiles and accessories tailored to your needs. 

Diverse Product Range: Our product range includes: 

Special frame profiles for the automotive industry 

Body profiles for various vehicles and enclosed trucks 

Industrial profiles for different sectors 

Versatile and functional profiles and accessories for the industrial sector 

Decorative carpet, parquet, band, and stair connection profiles to enhance home and office aesthetics 

Sigma profiles and accessories 

Aluminum profiles and accessories for furniture and kitchen applications 

Advertising and signage profiles 

Profiles for canopies and ventilation systems 

Textile and carpentry machine profiles 

Supermarket and shelving system profiles 

Elevator profiles 

Electrical and electronic profiles 

Profiles for packaging, firefighting equipment, medical devices, and orthopedic applications 

CNC machine profiles 

Profiles used in bakery oven manufacturing 

Profiles for tents, awnings, and caravan construction 

Standard-sized pipes, beams, bars, mills, boxes, and corner brackets 

Custom mold profiles 





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