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Aksis Fire Suppression Systems is an internationally recognized leader in the realm of fire safety. Their advanced fire detection and alarm systems are pivotal in early threat recognition, enabling prompt interventions, thus minimizing both human and material losses. The Local Application Water Mist System, optimized for environments rich in electronic equipment like offices, data centers, and laboratories, assures an immediate extinguishing of potential sparks. For gastronomy hubs like restaurants and hotels, the Deep Oil Fryer System is indispensable; it curtails the risk posed by oils that can flare up at high temperatures. The External Fire Suppression (FI-FI) System acts as a robust shield against fire hazards in industrial plants, factories, and storage areas. Tailored for the maritime sector, the Offshore Fire Suppression System ensures optimal safety aboard ships, yachts, and marine platforms. The Deck Foam System offers proficient protection against fires on ships and marinas. Preferred in places storing hazardous substances, the Dry Powder System is a go-to solution. Widely adopted in modern infrastructures and residences, sprinkler systems expedite the fire suppression process across vast areas. The Water Spray System is especially favored for combating forest and open-space fires. With its team of expert engineers and technicians, Aksis offers bespoke solutions, ensuring every system is customized based on user needs and site-specific features. Going beyond equipment provision, Aksis also undertakes periodic maintenance and checks of these systems. Placing paramount importance on client satisfaction, Aksis is always abreast of the latest industry technologies, incessantly updating its product lineup.



Aksis Yangın Söndürme Sistemleri yangın algılama ve alarm sistemi yerel uygulamalı su misti sistemi yangın güvenlik çözümleri yangın güvenliği ekipmanları derin yağ fritöz güvenlik sistemi yangın öncesi ve sonrası tedbirler harici yangın söndürme (FI-FI) teknolojisi denizde yangın güvenliği deniz dışı yangın söndürme uygulamaları güverte yangın koruma yöntemleri kuru toz yangın söndürme yöntemleri otomatik yağmurlama yangın sistemleri acil durum yangın ekipmanları yangına dayanıklı malzemeler suyla yangın söndürme teknikleri su püskürtme yangın tedbirleri yangın güvenliği danışmanlığı yangınla mücadele ekipmanları yangın tespit cihazları yangın anında doğru müdahale Aksis Fire Suppression Systems fire detection and alarm system local application water mist system fire safety solutions fire safety equipment deep oil fryer safety system pre and post-fire precautions external fire suppression (FI-FI) technology maritime fire safety offshore fire suppression applications deck fire protection methods dry powder fire suppression techniques automatic sprinkler fire systems emergency fire equipment fire-resistant materials water-based fire suppression techniques water spray fire precautions fire safety consultancy fire-fighting equipment fire detection devices appropriate fire response