Istanbul / Türkiye

About Us

Since its establishment in 1987, Alacalı İnşaat has been a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the construction sector. Merging deep-rooted experience with cutting-edge engineering, technology, and construction management practices, we bring visionary ideas to life and empower our stakeholders to realize their aspirations.

Recognized for our prowess in erecting earthquake-resistant edifices through modern construction techniques, our expertise particularly shines in the realms of precast concrete and conventional manufacturing. Our commitment to speed, quality, resilience, and cost-effectiveness has made us a trusted choice for investors, both in Turkey and internationally, with a pronounced presence in the Marmara Region. This trust is bolstered by our expansive machinery fleet, robust equipment capabilities, seasoned professionals, and dual production facilities.

At Alacalı İnşaat, our prowess extends further:

1. Ala-Sawa System: Our proprietary Ala-Sawa System stands at the forefront of reinforced concrete building construction. Centered around earthquake resilience, this technology involves superior-quality materials and innovative post-tensioning techniques, ensuring that structures remain steadfast and robust even when faced with seismic disturbances.

2. Earthquake Resistant Buildings: Beyond mere construction, we craft fortresses designed to endure the immense forces of earthquakes. By harnessing advanced techniques and materials, we specialize in creating structures that prioritize safety and longevity.

3. ALA-MAB System: Introducing our patented ALA-MAB System, a structural innovation where beam-column joints achieve moment transfer through mechanical connections. This economical solution is especially well-suited for structures with lighter live loads, like office buildings, offering efficiency without compromising on strength.

4. QC System: The QC System forms its primary framework by connecting trapezoidal "I" section beams to columns. It's an ideal choice for multi-storey buildings, those with heavy-tonnage crane capacities, and tall structures burdened with heavy project loads. Depending on the span and load between columns, we incorporate pre-tensioning technology to the beams and other necessary structural elements, enhancing their strength and durability.

5. Sound Barriers: In our pursuit of enhancing urban living, we've also delved into creating sound barriers, effectively diminishing noise pollution from traffic, industry, and other nuisances. These barriers prove vital in preserving tranquility in bustling urban areas and adjacent to highways.

6. Products: Alacalı İnşaat's product lineup underscores our comprehensive approach to construction. Our range encompasses vital building elements such as facades, floor elements, and bridge beams, each tailored for optimal performance and aesthetics.

7. Projects: Our portfolio paints a vivid picture of our versatility and dedication in the construction arena. Every project we undertake is a testament to our proficiency in diverse construction technologies and building types.

In essence, Alacalı İnşaat isn't just a constructor; we are pioneers, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of construction.



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