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About Us

Assan Aluminum Industry is a prominent player in the sector, specializing in flat rolled aluminum production. With products ranging from rolled sheets, foils, and painted aluminum, they cater to a wide array of sectors including packaging, distribution, construction, durable goods, automotive, and heating-cooling, to name a few.

In the Flexible Packaging segment, their products stand out due to their high resistance to heat, electrical conductivity, and the option between glossy or matte surface appearance. These properties not only offer practicality in adhesion processes but also ensure that the packaging retains its unique shape. Moreover, it possesses the capability to create eye-catching designs and visuals, perfectly compatible with all printing technologies. Specifically, for sensitive and valuable food items, these products extend shelf life by acting as a protective layer when combined with plastic and/or paper.

Their Painted Aluminum Composite Panel segment offers products that are resistant to fire, corrosion, and varying climatic conditions. These panels are recognized for their superior sound insulation, lightweight and rigid structure, ease of shaping, and the flexibility to craft unique architectural designs. They are predominantly preferred for façade redesigning, exterior cladding, roofing structures, and various architectural applications including canopy cladding, balcony and tunnel wrapping, sliding doors and panels, room dividers, and corporate branding.

In the Evaporator domain, they provide products with outstanding heat transfer capabilities, designed to be lightweight and space-saving. Particularly popular in refrigerators, these come in varieties like Roll-bond, fin (no-frost), and plain evaporators.

The Standard Roll and Sheet segment features aluminum rolls and sheets produced in diverse alloys and dimensions. Depending on the final application, they can be embossed, completely oil-free or minimally oily, and, upon request, can undergo surface film coating or interleaved paper application. These products comply with EN, AA, or ASTM norms and are predominantly used in construction, technical implementations, advertising, and partially in the automotive industry.

In their Filter segment, they produce lightweight and durable filters capable of filtering dust, dirt, liquid, and gas. These filters, which can withstand frequent and excessive cleanings, and come in washable varieties, are utilized in engines, electronic devices, sensitive instruments, and various commercial and industrial applications, including exhaust hoods.

The Dish Antenna sector produces antennas that are resistant to rust and the wear and tear caused by outdoor elements like moisture, wind, dust, and soil. Their lightweight structure and easy installation, especially in larger antenna production, make them a preferred choice.

In the Exterior Cladding sector, they offer products that not only resist weather conditions but also provide energy efficiency four times more effective than wooden cladding, brick, or stone walls. These products, known for their excellent shaping capability and cost-effective application, are ideal for new building constructions or renovation of old buildings.

The Heat Shield segment focuses on producing heat shields that maintain the thermal performance of lightweight embossed sheets throughout a vehicle's lifespan. They protect the vehicle's base, fuel system, engine frame, and other nearby components from the extreme heat of the exhaust system, simultaneously reducing noise.

Assan Aluminum Industry is dedicated to offering high-quality products and innovative solutions, always prioritizing customer satisfaction.


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