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About Us

Asteks Rubber and Plastic Industry stands as a prominent name in the sector, offering a vast range of products tailored to meet industry-specific needs. Beginning with our Manşon Grinding Machines, our machinery range extends to the Hydraulic Cer Sleeve Installation Press, Pneumatic Sleeve Installation Press, and Manual Sleeve Installation Press. Each piece of machinery is meticulously designed considering the unique requirements of the sector.

In the realm of Lamination Sleeves, our specialized productions ensure optimal adhesion and finish. Our expertise in fiber systems is not limited to Short Fiber System, Long Fiber System, Open End System, Compact System, Pneumatic System, Texturing System, and Strayhgarn System. We place a great emphasis on knowledge sharing, and thus, offer E-Training Documents to both our internal teams and our clients and partners.

Customer feedback is an essential pillar of our continuous evolution. Customer Opinions serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Our Textile References further cement our standing in the textile industry.

The printing sector is witnessing transformative changes with our wide product portfolio, including Sheet Offset Rollers, Web Offset Rollers, Label Printing Rollers, and Tin Offset Printing Cylinders. Our proficiency in ROTOGRAVURE & FLEXO is evident through our Lamination Sleeves, Lamination Presser and Nipples, Rotogravure Printing Sleeves, and Flexo Printing Sleeves.

We never compromise on precision grinding. Our Sleeve Grinding Machines consistently deliver impeccable results. Our extensive range of presses, such as the Hydraulic Cer Sleeve Installation Press, Pneumatic Sleeve Installation Press, and Manual Sleeve Installation Press, offer unparalleled precision.

Continuing innovations with our Extrusion System production, our Al-Tak Roller Applications and Washmatic Cleaning Chemicals showcase our perfectionist approach. With E-Training Documents, we continue to share knowledge for the printing industry. Our Printing References make up our extensive and satisfied customer list.

Asteks perseveres in its leadership role in the industry, marked by technology, innovation, and dedication. 



Manşon Rektifiye Makineleri Hidrolik Cer Manşonu Takma Presi Pnömatik Manşon Takma Presi Manuel Manşon Takma Presi Laminasyon Sleveleri Kısa Elyaf Sistemi Uzun Elyaf Sistemi Open End Sistemi Kompakt Sistem Havalı Sistem Tekstüre Sistemi Strayhgarn Sistemi E-Eğitim Dökümanları Müşteri Görüşleri Tekstil Referanslar Tabaka Ofset Merdaneleri Web Ofset Merdaneleri Etiket Baskı Merdaneleri Teneke Ofset Baskı Silindirleri ROTOGRAVÜR & FLEXO Laminasyon Presör ve Nipleri Rotogravür Baskı Sleveleri Flexo Baskı Sleveleri REKTİFİYE MAKİNESİ & PRESLER Ekstrüzyon Sistemi ile Üretim Al-Tak Merdane Uygulamalarımız Washmatic Temizleme Kimyasalları Matbaa Referanslar Manşon Grinding Machines Hydraulic Cer Sleeve Mounting Press Pneumatic Sleeve Mounting Press Manual Sleeve Mounting Press Lamination Sleeves Short Fiber System Long Fiber System Open End System Compact System Pneumatic System Texturing System Strayhgarn System E-Learning Documents Customer Reviews Textile References Sheet Offset Rollers Web Offset Rollers Label Printing Rollers Tin Offset Printing Cylinders ROTOGRAVURE & FLEXO Lamination Presser and Nipples Rotogravure Printing Sleeves Flexo Printing Sleeves GRINDING MACHINE & PRESSES Production with Extrusion System Al-Tak Roller Applications Washmatic Cleaning Chemicals Printing References