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About Us

Asude Plastics is a company that offers a wide range of home and kitchen products. Among their products are salad bowls with spoons, two-tiered plate racks with boxes, two-tiered plate racks, vizier plate racks, and transparent vizier plate racks. They also offer drawer organizers such as large drawer spoon holders in transparent and non-transparent versions.

In addition to practical kitchen tools like small drawer spoon holders and necessities, they also produce specialized kitchen tools like dumpling molds. With products like transparent small drawer spoon holders, lemon holders, and display lemon holders, they aim to maintain order in the kitchen.

Asude Plastics also offers cutting tools like round cutting boards and cutting boards with handles to simplify the food preparation process. They also provide storage containers in various sizes ranging from 0.30 lt to 30 lt to help organize the kitchen. They also offer larger storage containers such as 5 lt, 10 lt, and 15 lt deep storage containers.

With special products like No. 2 clover dough bowls, they make housewives’ jobs easier, while cleaning products like Camel double sieves assist with house cleaning. They also offer bathroom accessories like tape soap dishes, daisy soap dishes, and suction cup soap dishes.

With laundry organizers like corner laundry baskets and round laundry baskets, they make laundry days easier. They also contribute to home decoration with specially designed products like swan baby hangers and crystal swan baby hangers.

With water carrying tools like 5 lt clover water buckets, they aim to simplify daily life. Asude Plastics aims to meet all kinds of home and kitchen needs with its wide range of products.



Kaşıklı salata kasesi İki katlı tabaklık-kutulu İki katlı tabaklık Vezir tabaklık Vezir tabaklık şeffaf Büyük çekmece kaşıklık şeffaf Büyük çekmece kaşıklı Lazımlık Küçük çekmece kaşıklık Mantı kalıbı Küçük çekmece kaşıklık şeffaf Limonluk Limonluk-display Yuvarlak kesim panosu Saplı kesim panosu 0,30 lt saklama kabı 0,60 lt saklama kabı 1,25 lt saklama kabı 2 lt saklama kabı 3 lt saklama kabı 5 lt saklama kabı 7,5 lt saklama kabı 10 lt saklama kabı 15 lt saklama kabı 20 lt saklama kabı 30 lt saklama kabı 5 lt derin saklama kabı 10 lt derin saklama kabı 15 lt derin saklama kabı 2 no yonca hamur leğeni Camel ikili gırgır Bantlı sabunluk Papatya sabunluk Vantuzlu sabunluk Köşeli çamaşır selesi Köşeli çamaşır selesi şeffaf Yuvarlak çamaşır selesi Yuvarlak çamaşır selesi şeffaf Kuğu bebek askısı Kuğu kristal bebek askısı 5 lt yonca su kovası Salad bowl with spoon Two-tiered plate rack with box Two-tiered plate rack Vizier plate rack Transparent vizier plate rack Large drawer spoon holder transparent Large drawer spoon holder Necessity Small drawer spoon holder Dumpling mold Transparent small drawer spoon holder Lemon holder Display lemon holder Round cutting board Cutting board with handle 0.30 lt storage container 0.60 lt storage container 1.25 lt storage container 2 lt storage container 3 lt storage container 5 lt storage container 7.5 lt storage container 10 lt storage container 15 lt storage container 20 lt storage container 30 lt storage container 5 lt deep storage container 10 lt deep storage container 15 lt deep storage container No. 2 clover dough bowl Camel double sieve Tape soap dish Daisy soap dish Suction cup soap dish Corner laundry basket Transparent corner laundry basket Round laundry basket Transparent round laundry basket Swan baby hanger Crystal swan baby hanger 5 lt clover water bucket