Istanbul / Türkiye

About Us

Atlas Rubber stands out as a prominent brand in the rubber and tire products industry in Turkey. It manufactures a wide range of products from cars to motorcycles, including white sidewalls, wheel edges, mudguards, mats, and specialized rubber products for the furniture industry. Especially with its range of white and black/white sidewalled wheel edges that cater to different needs from classic cars to new models, Atlas Rubber distinguishes itself in the industry with its quality and innovation.



Atlas Kauçuk Otomobil Beyaz yanak Otomobil Siyah Beyaz Yanak Jant kenar paçalık Kare Paspas yer karosu Mobilya sektörü lastik Motosiklet beyaz yanak Motosiklet renkli yanak 13 Jant Siyah/Beyaz yanak 15 Jant Beyaz yanak 17,5 Jant Beyaz yanak 18 Jant beyaz yanak 8 Jant motosiklet yanağı 17 Jant motosiklet yanağı 21 Jant motosiklet yanak Atlas Rubber Car White sidewall Car Black White Sidewall Square Mat Furniture sector rubber Motorcycle white sidewall Motorcycle colored sidewall 13 Wheel Black/White sidewall 15 Wheel White sidewall 17.5 Wheel White sidewall 18 Wheel white sidewall 8 Wheel motorcycle sidewall 17 Wheel motorcycle sidewall 21 Wheel motorcycle sidewall