Istanbul / Türkiye

About Us

ATLASform, as a pioneering manufacturer of melamine products in Turkey, creates a distinctive presence in the industry by combining aesthetic and functionality through its durable and elegant designs. Specializing in melamine production, our company serves with a wide range of products including melamine sauce boats, melamine 7 cm sauce bowls, melamine handled display serving trays of 17.5x32.5 cm, and melamine baton serving trays of 36x16 cm. As a producer of the 12cm melamine joker bowl serving tray, we bring aesthetic and functionality to your kitchens and tables. Being a manufacturer of the 25cm melamine round serving tray that rivals the elegance of porcelain, we offer both elegance and durability. As a producer of the 21cm melamine deep serving tray that does not compromise the elegance of porcelain, we gain appreciation with our elegant and functional designs. With products like melamine tea trays, melamine plain sugar bowls, 23*22cm 5-compartment square serving lids, and melamine round serving bowls, we provide solutions for all your presentation and service needs. ATLASform prioritizes quality, aesthetics, and usability in melamine products, aiming to maximize customer satisfaction. Explore the wide product range and quality melamine products of ATLASform, and enliven your tables and kitchens.



Melamin Üretimi Melamin Sosluk Melamin 7 cm Sos Kase Melamin Kulplu Teşhir Sunum Tabağı Melamin Baton Sunum Tepsi Melamin Joker Kase Servis Tabağı Üreticisi Melamin Yuvarlak Servis Tabağı Üreticisi Melamin Çukur Servis Tabağı Üreticisi Melamin Çay Tabağı Melamin Sade Şekerlik Melamin Servis Kapağı Melamin Yuvarlak Sunum Kasesi Melamin Çatal Bıçak Takımı Melamin Çorba Kasesi Melamin Yemek Tabağı Melamin Tatlı Kasesi Melamin Salata Kasesi Melamin Meze Tabağı Melamin Sunum Tepsisi Melamin Kahvaltı Seti Melamin Çocuk Seti Melamin Sulu Yemek Tabağı Melamin Kupa Melamin Bardak Melamin Şampanya Kadehi Melamin Şarap Kadehi Melamin Meyve Suyu Bardağı Melamin Su Bardağı Melamin Çerez Tabağı Melamin Pizza Tabağı Melamin Makarna Tabağı Melamin Börek Tabağı Melamin Kek Standı Melamin Pasta Standı Melamin Servis Seti Melamin Peçetelik Melamin Tuzluk Biberlik Melamin Zeytinyağlık Melamin Sirkelik Melamin Baharatlık Melamin Sos Kabı Melamin Yoğurt Kabı Melamin Dondurma Kasesi Melamin Çerezlik Melamin Meyve Tabağı Melamin Karpuz Tabağı Melamin Kavun Tabağı Melamin Nar Tabağı Melamin Üzüm Tabağı Melamin Elma Tabağı Melamin Muz Tabağı Melamin Portakal Tabağı Melamin Limon Tabağı Melamin Cevizlik Melamin Fındıklık Melamin Bademlik Melamin Fıstıklık Melamin Antep Fıstığı Kabı Melamin Leblebilik Melamin Popcorn Kabı Melamin Cips Tabağı Melamin Kraker Tabağı Melamin Bisküvi Tabağı Melamin Çikolata Tabağı Melamin Lokum Tabağı Melamin Baklava Tabağı Melamin Kadayıf Tabağı Melamin Revani Tabağı Melamin Kemalpaşa Tabağı Melamin Tulumba Tabağı Melamin Şöbiyet Tabağı Melamin Künefe Tabağı Melamin Kazandibi Tabağı Melamin Sütlaç Tabağı Melamin Güllaç Tabağı Melamin Aşure Tabağı Melamin Helva Tabağı Melamin Kısır Tabağı Melamin Çörek Tabağı Melamin Poğaça Tabağı Melamin Simit Tabağı Melamin Açma Tabağı Melamin Böreklik Melamin Pide Tabağı Melamin Lahmacun Tabağı Melamin Pizza Taşı Melamin Kek Kalıbı Melamin Pasta Kalıbı Melamin Muffin Kalıbı Melamin Kurabiye Kalıbı Melamin Ekmek Sepeti Melamin Meyve Sepeti Melamin Sebze Sepeti Melamin Mantar Tabağı Melamin Zeytin Tabağı Melamin Peynir Tabağı Melamin Reçel Tabağı Melamin Bal Tabağı Melamin Tereyağlık Melamin Süt Kabı Melamin Kahve Fincanı Melamin Çay Fincanı Melamin Espresso Fincanı Melamin Türk Kahvesi Fincanı Melamin Salep Fincanı Melamin Boza Bardağı Melamin Ayran Bardağı Melamin Limonata Bardağı Melamin Gazoz Bardağı Melamin Kola Bardağı Melamin Meşrubat Bardağı Melamin Soda Bardağı Melamin Şalgam Suyu Bardağı Melamin Turşu Kavanozu Melamin Reçel Kavanozu Melamin Bal Kavanozu Melamin Salça Kabı Melamin Konserve Kabı Melamin Turşuluk Melamin Sirke Kabı Melamine Production Melamine Sauce Boat Melamine 7 cm Sauce Bowl Melamine Handled Display Presentation Tray Melamine Baton Presentation Tray Melamine Joker Bowl Service Plate Manufacturer Melamine Round Service Plate Manufacturer Melamine Deep Service Plate Manufacturer Melamine Tea Tray Melamine Plain Sugar Bowl Melamine 5 Compartment Square Service Lid Melamine Round Presentation Bowl Melamine Cutlery Set Melamine Soup Bowl Melamine Dinner Plate Melamine Dessert Bowl Melamine Salad Bowl Melamine Meze Plate Melamine Presentation Tray Melamine Breakfast Set Melamine Kids Set Melamine Soup Plate Melamine Mug Melamine Glass Melamine Champagne Glass Melamine Wine Glass Melamine Juice Glass Melamine Water Glass Melamine Snack Plate Melamine Pizza Plate Melamine Pasta Plate Melamine Pastry Plate Melamine Cake Stand Melamine Pie Stand Melamine Service Set Melamine Napkin Holder Melamine Salt and Pepper Shaker Melamine Olive Oil Bottle Melamine Vinegar Bottle Melamine Spice Rack Melamine Sauce Bowl Melamine Yogurt Bowl Melamine Ice Cream Bowl Melamine Snack Bowl Melamine Fruit Plate Melamine Watermelon Plate Melamine Melon Plate Melamine Pomegranate Plate Melamine Grape Plate Melamine Apple Plate Melamine Banana Plate Melamine Orange Plate Melamine Lemon Plate Melamine Walnut Bowl Melamine Hazelnut Bowl Melamine Almond Bowl Melamine Pistachio Bowl Melamine Antep Pistachio Bowl Melamine Chickpea Bowl Melamine Popcorn Bowl Melamine Chips Plate Melamine Cracker Plate Melamine Biscuit Plate Melamine Chocolate Plate Melamine Turkish Delight Plate Melamine Baklava Plate Melamine Kadayif Plate Melamine Revani Plate Melamine Kemalpasa Plate Melamine Tulumba Plate Melamine Shobiyet Plate Melamine Kunefe Plate Melamine Kazandibi Plate Melamine Rice Pudding Plate Melamine Gullac Plate Melamine Ashura Plate Melamine Halva Plate Melamine Tabouleh Plate Melamine Pogaca Plate Melamine Simit Plate Melamine Acma Plate Melamine Pastry Bowl Melamine Pide Plate Melamine Lahmacun Plate Melamine Pizza Stone Melamine Cake Mold Melamine Pie Mold Melamine Muffin Mold Melamine Cookie Mold Melamine Bread Basket Melamine Fruit Basket Melamine Vegetable Basket Melamine Mushroom Plate Melamine Olive Plate Melamine Cheese Plate Melamine Jam Plate Melamine Honey Plate Melamine Butter Dish Melamine Milk Jar Melamine Coffee Cup Melamine Tea Cup Melamine Espresso Cup Melamine Turkish Coffee Cup Melamine Salep Cup Melamine Boza Glass Melamine Ayran Glass Melamine Lemonade Glass Melamine Soda Glass Melamine Turnip Juice Glass Melamine Pickle Jar Melamine Jam Jar Melamine Honey Jar Melamine Yogurt Container Melamine Sauce Container Melamine Tomato Paste Container Melamine Canned Food Container Melamine Pickling Container Melamine Vinegar Container