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About Us

Ayder Metal Plastic Mold and Furniture Accessories Industry is a renowned company offering state-of-the-art solutions in the realm of furniture and construction. With the fusion of durability and aesthetics, we employ modern production techniques to design products that set industry standards. Our offerings, ranging from M6 Metal Anchors, Self-anchored Shafts to Moving Shafts, ensure reliability for all your assembly and connection needs. Products like Bulb Connection, Plastic Strip Anchor (8×11), Plastic Cavalry, and Metal T Pulling not only facilitate perfect assembly on any surface but also guarantee functionality and ease of use. Additionally, our product range includes essential items like Plastic Butterfly Angular Pulling, Plastic L Corner Connection, and Hanging Plastic, ensuring perfection even in minute details. The availability of connection components such as Rail Screw, School Desk Nut, and Chair Nut allows for seamless assembly processes. Durable and aesthetic solutions are further guaranteed by products like Metal L Angle, Cabinet Screws, and Bed Head Joining Sheet. In our repertoire, Aluminum Hanging Tubes, Cradle Mechanism, and Metal Tie Holder offer functional and visual solutions for both residential and office spaces. Aesthetically pleasing accessories like Wall-mounted Handle Stopper, Dove-tail Handle, and Octagonal Door Knob allow personalization and increased functionality in your living spaces. With a broad spectrum encompassing Connection Systems, Wardrobe Accessories, Door Hardware, and Shelf Carriers, Ayder Metal addresses a myriad of needs. The company stands out not only for its standard offerings but also for distinct designs like Porcelain Handles – Button, Inside Cabinet Accessory, and Buttons. Drawing from its vast industry experience and knowledge, Ayder Metal continues to garner appreciation. Opt for a product from Ayder Metal's extensive range and indulge in the luxury of quality and aesthetics. Ensuring that each product undergoes stringent quality checks, we remain committed to elevating customer satisfaction by combining quality, design, and functionality. High-grade materials, superior craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service position Ayder Metal as a frontrunner in the industry.



Ayder Metal Plastik Kalıp mobilya aksesuarları M6 Metal Dübel Mili Kendinden Dübelli Hareketli Mil Bul Bağlantı Plastik Şerit Dübel (8×11) Plastik Kavalye Metal T Çektirme Plastik Kelebek Dereceli Çektirme Plastik L Köşe Bağlantı Askı Plastiği Metal Kavela Çivi Plastik Köşe Koruyucu Tablo Askı Kancası ray vidası Silindir Somun (10×13) Kabin Vidasıdsa Metal L Gönye Kabin Vidaları Karyola Başlık Birleştirme Sacı Silindir Somun (10×14) Dolap Askı Elemanı L alüminyum askı boruları Beşik Mekanizması Metal Kravatlık Arkalık Birleştirme Profili H Şiş Başlığı Contalı Kapı Tamponu Kol Stoperi (Duvar) Kumru Çekme Kol 8 Köşe Kapı Tokmağı Taktak bağlantı sistemleri Gardrop Aksesuarları Kapı Donanımları kulplar Porselen Kulplar – Düğme Raf Taşıyıcılar Ayaklar Dolap İçi Aksesuar düğmeler Sandık Aksesuarları Düğme Askılar – Portmanto Sanayi Uzmanlığı Yenilikçi Tasarım yüksek kaliteli malzemeler Uzun Ömürlü Çözümler Fonksiyonel Ürünler Modern Teknolojiler yaratıcı çözümler Özelleştirilmiş Tasarımlar Endüstri Lideri kaliteli üretim Estetik ve Fonksiyonelliği Birleştirme Sektördeki Öncü Müşteri Memnuniyeti Odaklı Yaklaşım Dayanıklılık ve Güvenilirlik Ayder Metal Plastic Mold furniture accessories M6 Metal Anchor Self-Anchoring Shaft Moving Shaft Spot Connector Plastic Strip Anchor (8x11) Plastic Cavalry Metal T-Pull Plastic Butterfly Angle Connector Plastic L Corner Connector Hanging Plastic Metal Stud Nail Plastic Corner Protector Picture Hanging Hook rail screw Cylinder Nut (10x13) Cabinet Screwdsa Metal L Angle Cabinet Screws Bed Headboard Connecting Sheet Cylinder Nut (10x14) Wardrobe Hanging Element L Aluminum Hanging Rods Cradle Mechanism Metal Tie Rack Rear Connection Profile H Bottle Cap Sealed Door Bumper Handle Stopper (Wall) Dove Pull Handle Curved Pull Handle 8-Edge Door Knob Grooved Door Knob Door Safety Clamp Knock-Knock connection systems Wardrobe Accessories Door Hardware handles antique Porcelain Handles – Button Shelf Carriers Legs Inside Cabinet Accessory buttons Chest Accessories Button Hangers – Coat Rack Industry Expertise Innovative Design high-quality materials Durable Solutions Functional Products Modern Technologies creative solutions Customized Designs industry leader quality production Aesthetic and Functional Merging Pioneer in Sector Customer Satisfaction Approach Durability and Reliability