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Aytuğ Plastic Furniture Accessories is a pioneering company specialized in producing a wide array of crucial products for the furniture industry. Especially, their plastic kitchen legs have become a staple for many designers, making Aytuğ a preferred brand in the industry.

Plastic furniture legs not only provide an aesthetic touch but also serve as a functional solution that complements various furniture designs. Additionally, Aytuğ offers metal furniture legs that cater to those seeking both durability and elegance in their designs. Their rotil sets further facilitate the furniture assembly process, ensuring longevity and ease of use.

Metal legs, specifically designed for heavier furniture pieces, stand out with their resilience and stylish designs. Metal shelf interconnections guarantee the stability and solidity of shelves. With their table connection accessories, tables become more functional and user-friendly.

Office table leg sets, indispensable for contemporary office designs, are favored for their aesthetic and functional characteristics. Plastic metal corner connectors are ideal for joining the corners of your furniture, enhancing its overall structure. Moreover, Aytuğ's hanging elements bring order to both homes and offices, ensuring efficient space utilization.

The sturdy piton connectors are a testament to Aytuğ's commitment to quality and durability. With metal L squares, furniture gains a more stable structure. Cradle accessories, designed for the little ones, ensure a safe and comfortable environment. Door buffers are the perfect solutions for preventing any damage to doors. Anchors, versatile products from Aytuğ, are suitable for various mounting operations.

Furniture profiles and seals extend the lifespan of furniture. Base profiles round off bedroom designs perfectly. Countertop skirtings protect kitchen counters from potential damage. With table locks and hinges, tables are transformed into more functional pieces. Glass snaps, tailored for glass surfaces, are other notable products from Aytuğ.

The probes and mrbüns are used in all types of assemblies. Plastic wheels, indispensable for movable furniture, are another specialty of Aytuğ. With its experience, production capacity, and high-quality products, Aytuğ Plastic leads the furniture industry, continually setting the standard for excellence.



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