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About Us

Babosan Pano is a distinguished manufacturer in the electrical panel industry, boasting extensive experience. With its state-of-the-art technological equipment and expert team, it offers a broad product range, spanning from compensation panels to metering panels, from main distribution boards to floor distribution panels. Particularly in the production of specific panels catering to distinct needs, such as synchronization panels, transfer panels, apartment panels, and construction site panels, Babosan Pano is an industry leader.

The company also asserts its prominence in the production of innovative and technological products, including the MCC panel and GES panels. Notably, in the GES panels, each solar panel group's energy is protected with a fuse, ground fault circuit interrupter, and surge protector. Given these panels are used on-site, their external type of production enhances the product's durability and lifespan.

Moreover, Babosan Pano's product portfolio includes specially designed panels for fire safety and water needs, such as the diesel fire pump panel, dual hydrophore pump panel, and submersible pump panel.

Furthermore, the company has a wide product range, encompassing circulation panels, motor feed panels, single-pump hydrophore pump panels, and internal upright panels. Especially concerning wall-type panels, Babosan Pano offers an extensive product spectrum, including internal wall-type panels, external wall-type panels, and under-plaster wall-type panels.

With its high production quality standards, customer-centric approach, innovative products, and vast product range, Babosan Pano stands out in the industry. Beyond its products, the company also distinguishes itself with its service quality, customer satisfaction, and post-sales support services. For your electrical panel needs, Babosan Pano is a reliable and quality solution partner.



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