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About Us

Established in 1993, Batı Çelik Elektrostatik Toz Boya Tesisi specializes in the aluminum and white goods sector. Over the years, the company has established numerous electrostatic powder coating facilities both domestically and abroad, securing a significant position in the industry. Since 1999, they have also embarked on the production of SPARK VOLSTATIC brand powder coating guns, with the electronic part imported from Germany.

The company manufactures products like electrostatic powder and wet paint baking ovens, paint cabins, and pre-cleaning systems using the latest technology. These products play a critical role in industrial painting processes. Especially, their electrostatic powder coating machines are designed to perform painting operations with high quality and efficiency.

Batı Çelik prioritizes quality in producing electrostatic powder coating machines and powder paint baking ovens. These products have a broad sales network in both domestic and foreign markets. The company aims to continue its leadership in the industry by producing even higher-quality machines in the future.

Their powder coating guns are specifically designed for serial paintings and can be used either mounted on robots or fixed. These guns eliminate the faraday cage effect, ensuring flawless coatings in corner paintings and delivering excellent results in second coat paintings.

In the category of industrial industry ovens, the company offers a wide range of products including suspension burning oven, cataphoresis and chrome plating test, PP anodizing tank, drying oven, timber oven, textile drying oven, jeans drying oven, food and vegetable drying oven, pottery baking oven, ceramic oven, pot painting, aluminum homogenizing oven, aluminum vertical painting, aluminum wood pattern, glass tempering oven, fast color-changing paint, teflon baking oven, thermal treatment energy, and bar transfer oven.



1993 yılı Batı Çelik Elektrostatik Toz Boya Tesisi alüminyum Beyaz Eşya yurt içi yurt dışı elektrostatik toz boya tesisi SPARK VOLSTATIC toz boya tabanca elektrostatik toz yaş boya pişirme fırını boya kabini ön temizleme sistemi teknoloji endüstriyel boyama faraday kafesi dip köşe boyama ikinci kat boyama endüstri sanayi fırınları askı yakma fırını kataforez krom kaplama testi PP eloksal tank kurutma fırını kereste fırını tekstil kurutma fırını kot kurutma fırını gıda kurutma fırını sebze kurutma fırını çömlek pişirme fırını seramik fırını saksı boyama alüminyum homejene fırın alüminyum dik boyama alüminyum ahşap desen cam temperleme fırını hızlı renk değiştirme teflon pişirme fırını ısıl işlem enerji bara aktarmalı fırın 1993 Batı Çelik Elektrostatik Powder Coating Facility Aluminum white goods domestic abroad electrostatic powder coating facility powder coating gun electrostatic powder wet paint baking oven paint cabin pre-cleaning system technology industrial painting faraday cage corner painting