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About Us

Bayar Global Industry is at the forefront of innovative discoveries that shape modern life and set the standards for a better living. Established in 1992 by four siblings, this family-owned company offers superior technology and high brand quality through its six distinct companies and over 200 employees. Operating in six main sectors including electricity, plastic, aluminum, textile, spring, and mold, Bayar Global Industry continues its success with a customer-centric service approach and an efficiency-centered management perspective. Progressing confidently in production, marketing, and innovation, the company aims to serve the entire world.

Among the products offered by Bayar Global Industry, the curtain systems stand out. Specifically, the "System 12" curtain system captivates with its modern and functional design. This system encompasses mechanisms, foldable curtain pulleys, aluminum curtain profiles, steel ceiling brackets, and other accessories. Additionally, the "System 40" product series offers users a quality and durable experience with components like aluminum bottom rails, tubes, and chain weights.

These products are utilized in homes, offices, and commercial spaces, bringing together aesthetics and functionality. Especially preferred by both individual and corporate customers due to their modern design and high-quality materials, Bayar Global Industry's products promise users a long-lasting and comfortable usage experience. Moreover, the assembly and use of the products are highly practical, meeting user expectations.



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