Istanbul / Türkiye

About Us

Baymak is a leading heating and cooling systems manufacturer in Turkey, known for its innovative solutions and a wide range of products that cater to creating comfortable living spaces.

The Full Condensing Boiler technology by Baymak is at the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability, ensuring homes are heated with maximum efficiency.

Baymak Star Panel Radiators stand out with their modern design and high heat output. While Aluminum Cast Radiators are preferred for their lightweight and aesthetic appearance, Aluminum White Towel Radiators add elegance to your bathrooms. The Round Tubular Flat/Oval Type Chrome Towel Radiators are an ideal choice for contemporary bathrooms.

The Straight Thermostatic Radiator Valve automatically adjusts the temperature, promoting energy savings. Wall-mounted Condensing Boilers save space with their compact design. The 3-pass Multibloc Blown Burner Steel Boiler is perfect for high-capacity heating needs. The Lignite Comfort Fan-Powered Solid Fuel Steel Boiler offers an economical and efficient heating solution.

The Open Expansion (Condensation) Tank maintains water pressure balance. The Diesel Burner ensures high-efficiency combustion. The UV Wall-mounted Split Air Conditioner purifies the air using ultraviolet technology. Lounge Type Air Conditioning Systems cool large spaces quickly, while Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems offer flexibility with multiple indoor units.

Thermosiphons, operating with solar energy, ensure energy savings. Instantaneous Water Heaters meet your immediate hot water needs. Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters heat water quickly and efficiently. Boilers and Thermoboilers are ideal for large hot water requirements.

Hydrophores maintain water pressure balance. Circulation Pumps facilitate water circulation in heating systems. Pool Pumps keep your pool water clean. Submersible Pumps are used to draw water from deep wells. Centrifugal Pumps cater to your high-pressure water needs.

Heat Pumps provide heating and cooling with energy efficiency. Solar Collector Systems and Package Systems enable efficient use of solar energy. PV Energy Systems produce electricity through photovoltaic panels. Room Thermostats automatically adjust the temperature, ensuring energy savings.

Baymak distinguishes itself not just with its products but also with its customer service and post-sales support, continuing to offer energy-efficient solutions for a sustainable world.


boyler Baymak tam yoğuşmalı kombi Baymak star panel radyatör alüminyum döküm radyatör alüminyum beyaz havlu radyatör yuvarlak borulu krom havlu radyatör termostatik radyatör vanası duvar tipi yoğuşmalı kazan multıbloc üflemeli çelik kazan linyit fanlı katı yakıtlı kazan açık genleşme tankı motorin brülörü UV duvar tipi klima salon tipi klima multi split klima termosifon şofben elektrikli su ısıtıcı termoboyler hidrofor sirkülasyon pompa Havuz Pompası dalgıç pompa Santrifüj Pompa ısı pompası güneş kolektörü PV enerji oda termostatı oval tip havlu radyatör cebri brülörlü kazan imbisat tankı UV split klima enerji sistemleri güneş paket sistemleri döküm havlu radyatör krom havlu radyatör yoğuşmalı duvar kazanı üflemeli brülörlü kazan katı yakıtlı kazan motorin yakıt brülörü split klima sistemi salon klima sistemi termosifon su ısıtma ani su ısıtıcı elektrikli boyler su basınç hidroforu havuz su pompası derin dalgıç pompa yüksek basınçlı santrifüj pompa yüksek verimli ısı pompası güneş enerjisi kolektörü fotovoltaik enerji sistemleri dijital oda termostatı konforlu ısıtma termostatı enerji tasarruflu klima yüksek kapasiteli boyler su depolama termoboyler otomatik hidrofor sistemleri su sirkülasyon pompası havuz filtrasyon pompası yer altı dalgıç pompa endüstriyel santrifüj pompa ev tipi ısı pompası güneş enerjisi çözümleri güneş enerjisi paketleri sürdürülebilir enerji sistemleri akıllı oda termostatları enerji verimli ısıtma çözümleri modern klima sistemleri su ısıtma teknolojileri su basıncı artırma hidroforları su sirkülasyon çözümleri havuz su temizleme pompaları yer altı su çözümleri endüstriyel su pompaları ısı geri kazanım pompaları güneş enerjisi ısıtma sistemleri fotovoltaik güneş paneli sistemleri enerji tasarrufu termostatları full condensing combi boiler Baymak star panel radiator aluminum cast radiator aluminum white towel radiator round tubular chrome towel radiator straight thermostatic radiator valve wall-mounted condensing boiler 3-pass multibloc blown burner steel boiler lignite comfort fan-powered solid fuel steel boiler open expansion (condensation) tank diesel burner UV wall-mounted split air conditioner wall-mounted split air conditioner living room type air conditioning systems multi-split air conditioning systems thermosiphons instantaneous water heaters electric instant water heaters boilers thermoboilers hydrofores Circulation Pumps Pool Pumps submersible pumps Centrifugal Pumps heat pumps solar collector systems solar collector package systems PV energy systems room thermostats oval type towel radiator forced burner boiler condensing wall boiler blown burner boiler solid fuel boiler diesel fuel burner split air conditioning system living room air conditioning system thermosiphon water heating Instant Water Heater electric boiler water pressure hydrophore pool water pump deep submersible pump high-pressure centrifugal pump high-efficiency heat pump solar energy collector photovoltaic energy systems digital room thermostat comfortable heating thermostat energy-saving air conditioner high-capacity boiler water storage thermoboiler automatic hydrophore systems water circulation pump pool filtration pump underground submersible pump industrial centrifugal pump home type heat pump solar energy solutions solar energy packages sustainable energy systems smart room thermostats energy-efficient heating solutions modern air conditioning systems water heating technologies water pressure boosting hydrophores water circulation solutions pool water cleaning pumps underground water solutions industrial water pumps heat recovery pumps solar energy heating systems photovoltaic solar panel systems energy-saving thermostats advanced heating solutions innovative air conditioning technologies water heating advancements water pressure solutions pool water purification technologies deep water extraction solutions industrial water circulation technologies heat optimization pumps solar energy efficiency systems photovoltaic energy advancements modern thermostat technologies