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About Us

Baysan Endüstri – Your Trusted Source for Quality Industrial Products 

Welcome to Baysan Endüstri, your premier provider of top-notch industrial products and services. With a rich history dating back to December 1994, our company was founded by Mr. Süleyman BAYSAL, a Chemical Engineering graduate who currently serves as our Chairman of the Board. 

What We Offer: 

At Baysan Endüstri, we specialize in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of high-quality industrial products to meet your diverse needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the industry. Here are some of our core product categories: 

Foundry Casting Materials: Our range includes Casting Powder, Lunker Powder, and Aluminium Ingots, essential for the Iron and Steel sector. 

Automotive Oils: Whether you require oils for passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, or specialized automotive applications, we have you covered. 

Industrial Oils: Explore our selection of Industrial Oils, including Gear Oils, Hydraulic System Oils, and Turbine Oils. These are formulated with high-quality base oils and carefully selected additives. 

Greases: We offer a variety of Grease types, including Rubber, Red, Bearing, and Lithium Soap Complex Greases, designed to keep your machinery and gears running smoothly. 

Process Oils: Our Process Oils are used in various industries such as plastics, rubber, agriculture, paint, and textile manufacturing. They are a blend of high-quality base oils, resulting in premium-quality oils. 

Antifreezes: Ensure your vehicles are protected during cold seasons with our effective Ethylene Glycol-based Antifreeze products, suitable for all kinds of light, passenger, and heavy-duty vehicles. 

Our Commitment: 

At Baysan Endüstri, we take pride in our commitment to delivering the highest quality products to our valued customers. All our products, including industrial oils, greases, and antifreezes, are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, adhering to the most stringent quality control standards. We subject them to accredited laboratory tests to ensure they meet our rigorous quality requirements. 

Environmental Responsibility: 

We are not only dedicated to providing top-tier industrial products but also prioritize environmental responsibility. Throughout every step of our operations, from storage to marketing and sales, we take measures to protect the environment. Additionally, we prioritize the health and safety of our employees, ensuring that our processes meet the highest standards of occupational health and safety. 

Thank you for choosing Baysan Endüstri as your trusted partner for all your industrial product needs. We look forward to serving you with excellence and reliability. For more information about our products and services, please feel free to explore our website or get in touch with our dedicated team. 




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