Eskişehir / Türkiye

About Us

CMS (Caglayan Makina Sanayi) is a family corporation which was first founded in 1948 under the name of Ali Caglayan Enterprise and then transformed into an open company in 1972 and finally became a corporation in 1983. Manufacturing activities have been continuing in Eskisehir Industrial Zone-Turkey since 1983.

Since its establishment, CMS is successfully designing and manufacturing turnkey mineral grinding plants, powder gypsum plants, lime hydration and grinding plants, powder mixing and filling plants, air classifying and de-dusting plants and all their related machinery including materials handling and transport equipment. With an export oriented manufacturing policy, CMS`s target is to add valuable benefits to the country`s economy.

CMS undertakes the plant & process design, manufacturing process of related machinery, quality control and assembly on site, technical support and after sales services. Our quality related certificates involve; ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System and CE certifications related to our product portfolio. Our manufacturing process involves welding (by certified welders), machining, quality control, pre-paint process, painting and ready to transport final checks.

All steps are held with high level of care. The same level of care and quality control is also applied for the products and semi-products that are provided by our suppliers. Additional cold tests are applied before commissioning. Along with the leading domestic and foreign companies located in Turkey which are working on the field of mineral processing and production of building materials, CMS has a signature on turnkey projects in many countries located on three continents including; Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Syria, Libya, UAE, Ukraine, Kosovo, Greece.

All over years CMS has carried out R&D and product development activities related to grinding, calcination, drying and air classifying technologies that resulted in valuable experience with a wide variety of mineral processing applications.


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