Eskişehir / Türkiye

About Us

Our family company, which entered the mining sector with the Onyx Mine in 1969, in the following years, in order to add new ones to its product range, it has put into operation Salome Marble Quarry in Eskişehir, Beige Marble Quarry in Bilecik and White Marble Quarry in Muğla Kavaklıdere. In 1996, our factory investment was made under the name of EsMer Mermer A.Ş in order to process the products extracted from its own quarries at high quality standards. The main idea underlying the establishment of EsMer Marble; It was to create value for our customers, employees, business partners and ourselves. We have continuously made technological investments since our establishment. We have continuously improved our machine park with innovative ideas and we have become a company that exports to more than thirty countries in our facility, which is built on a total area of ​​9,000 m2 and 23,000 m2. As a result of the investments made; As EsMer Mermer A.Ş, we are able to produce marble tiles with a thickness of 1 cm, marble slabs of various thicknesses and marble products in sizes that can be prepared in any desired size and thickness in our production lines. Today; took over the 3rd generation flag in the management of the company. Our company, which has a mining history of nearly half a century, has only one main goal: Keeping Customer Satisfaction at the Top Level. We are aware that this can only be achieved with reliable business ethics, just-in-time delivery and high quality standards. Finally, our product range; We aimed to turn marble into art by adding mosaic, exploded marble varieties and tumbled landscape products. We hope that you will also choose our company and our products and give us a chance to provide you with the best service. We hope that the future will bring bright and beautiful days to our companies and us.


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