Eskişehir / Türkiye

About Us

Günay Packaging is recognized as a leading brand in the packaging industry, serving its customers with a wide product range. The company's longstanding experience is evident in the quality of various products, from adhesive tapes to stretch films. Their adhesive tape is an ideal choice for all kinds of box and packaging processes, ensuring the safety of your shipments with its robust structure. Their packaging ropes and agricultural rope varieties have extensive usage in both packaging and agriculture sectors. In particular, the baling rope is indispensable for packaging harvested products in the agriculture sector systematically and securely.

Among their stretch film varieties, the pallet stretch film enables you to wrap and protect large groups of products compactly. Additionally, their 23-micron and 17-micron stretch film varieties offer flexibility according to your different needs and products. Their durable and elastic structures perfectly protect your items. The bubble wrap provides extra protection, especially during the transportation of fragile products. Its bubbly structure offers excellent cushioning against shocks. At Günay Packaging, they aim to meet the needs of their customers with top-quality products and continue to offer innovative solutions in the packaging sector.


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