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About Us

Mamajoo is a brand dedicated to understanding the needs of mothers and babies, aiming to simplify their lives with carefully designed products. The Ultra Absorbent Breast Pad is the ideal solution for mothers against milk leaks. Measuring 13 cm in diameter and available in packs of 30, these pads are known for their exceptional absorbency. The Electronic Compact Single Breast Pump is designed to meet mothers' milk pumping needs most comfortably. The Spare Pumping Kit & Bottle Nipple extends the lifespan of these pumps, simultaneously offering an optimal feeding experience for babies. The Spare Pumping Kit that comes with the Thermal Bag allows mothers to safely transport their milk. The Electronic USB Single Breast Pump provides mothers with the opportunity to pump milk even on the move. The Breast Milk Storage Containers help maintain the freshness of the milk, ensuring a healthy feed for your baby. The Soft Teething Toy aims to alleviate the discomfort babies experience during teething. The 0% BPA Pacifier Storage Box provides a hygienic storage solution for your baby's pacifier. Mamajoo's Orthodontic Dual Pacifier set is designed to suit babies' oral structure and is suitable for babies aged 6 months and over. Mamajoo has earned the trust of mothers and babies with its quality and innovation.


Mamajoo Ultra Emici Göğüs Pedi Elektronik Kompakt Göğüs Pompası Yedek Sağım Kiti Biberon Emziği Termal Çanta USB Göğüs Pompası Anne Sütü Saklama Kapları Diş Kaşıyıcı BPA Emzik Saklama Kutusu Ortodontik İkili Emzik Mamajoo Ultra Absorbent Breast Pad Electronic Compact Breast Pump Spare Pumping Kit Bottle Nipple Thermal Bag USB Breast Pump Breast Milk Storage Containers Teething Toy BPA Pacifier Storage Box Orthodontic Dual Pacifier