Eskişehir / Türkiye

About Us

Since 1964 our company continues it’s activity in the grain processing field. Our company is one of the leading company around the World who develops technology. it is one of the most dynamic and innovative company in its industry that manufactures machines and equipment for the flour and semolina industry and undertakes turnkey plants in every capacity as well as modernization of the existing plants.

Beside manufacturing state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for flour and semolina plants, our company strengthens its prestigious position more and more by supplying its business partners custom made solutions and excellent after-sale services with its experience and specialization in the global arena.

With its knowledge and experience accumulated for half a century and developing innovative and special solutions for its customers, our company is adding another success with its every domestic and international project. High quality equipment is manufactured under the assurance of quality system, experienced technical and management staff and the equipment pool which is endowed with the latest technology CNC machines.

Thanks to our careful quality control insight, our company offers high quality equipment to it´s customers. In the milling industry, from a single machine to turn-key complete plants, our company always did the best in order to keep efficiency and customer satisfaction up by using high quality equipment and manpower in our service. Our company known as a reliable partner in its sector with after sales service that reaches every corner of the world as well as its continuous manufacturing quality.


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