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About Us

Teknofan Air Conditioning Industry stands out as a pioneer in the air conditioning and ventilation sector with its extensive product range. Alongside its standard air conditioning units, the company draws attention with its air conditioning units designed for hygienic requirements. The hygienic air conditioning units, produced to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the health sector, exemplify Teknofan's expertise and quality in the sector.

Packaged type air conditioning units, with the advantage of easy installation and portability, are among the preferred products in many projects. Additionally, with its special dehumidifying units for pools, Teknofan confidently maintains the humidity balance of swimming pools.

Roof-type systems are of paramount importance in the air conditioning and ventilation sector. Teknofan produces self-rotor, radial fan, and axial fan roof-type units to cater to various needs. With rectangular and circular duct-type units, it offers a wide product range for in-building ventilation.

Smoke control systems, life-saving in the event of a fire, are one of Teknofan's areas of expertise. Smoke evacuation covers and dampers ensure the rapid evacuation of smoke during a fire. Energy efficiency and productivity are also crucial. With heat recovery systems and ventilation devices, significant energy savings are achieved. For noise control, silencers provide a quiet and comfortable atmosphere in spaces.


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