Export means that a company does not limit its trade within-country borders. 

Expanding to the international market is a dream of most companies. However, some companies can achieve international trade. Carrying out international trade is not related to the size of the company but its vision. If your company's products are welcome by internal buyers in terms of quality, price, and capacity then it is time for you to advertise your products to international markets with small customization.

If you ask where to start, let's have a look into this process together.

Your customer's quantity can be estimated by how many people visit your website.  If you have a shop in a busy street, your customer's quantity is up to how many people come across your shop.

Adding language options to your website to get more visitors. Your product catalog should be also designed in other languages. Get your products visible and easy to be reachable on your website. You need to hire a bilingual person to reply to emails and respond to telephones from abroad. Your website also needs to include your factory photos, quality certificates, and references to attract your potential buyers.  Further, you may need to get inserted applications such as zoom, skype, or MS Teams for answering video calls from abroad. By doing all of these you will be proven that your company has a corporate identity and trusted manufacturer.

Thanks to technological development on the internet in our century, your company can benefit from the advantages of being multiple digital platforms. These platforms are mostly B2B websites. Manuzone is one of the B2B web platforms offering you to be more visible and reachable on the internet. B2B platforms are also beneficial to compare your company with your competitors in terms of price, products, and other services. As you already know that keeping eye on your competitors is the most necessary rule of trade that makes you more agile in the market.  

Sending cold emails and wait for their return seems an efficient and cheaper way to kick off international trade. It is not always the truth. Even though your email is well prepared, designed, and targeted to your potentials, you may not attract your buyer just by email and may not get a return from them. The true way is to get market intelligence and investigate buyers from not the quantity point of view but the quality point of view. After sending them a buyer-customized email, contact them via voice call. You can bring up a topic about your email and your company and check with them if they read your email and any further quarries they may have. If your potential buyer has a positive opinion to have interested in your products do not forget to add him/ her to a follow-up list. You need to make a second voice call or video call with them. The best way is to get an appointment for further details such as product details, prices, logistic issues. You will be prepared for representing your company in a decent way. 

Catch the demand
You may never know where and when the demand comes to you. So, demand scanning is a highly important process to catch demand from diverse sources. Adding a widget or WhatsApp shortcut to your website is also important as you need to be reachable from all communication tools. You should be aware of those text messages or phone calls regardless of time zones. Your swift response to potential buyers also builds your trust and give you more opportunities to catch demand and deal with buyer company.