Turkey has been known for its leather industry for centuries, with a rich history of producing high-quality leather products. The Turkish leather industry is one of the oldest and most established in the world. Manufacturers and suppliers of wearing apparel made of leather or composition leather, including leather industrial work accessories like welder's leather aprons, are highly sought after for their quality and craftsmanship.

Leather shoes are among the most popular leather products Turkey is famous for. Turkish leather shoes are renowned for their durability, comfort, and style, using the highest quality leather and unmatched craftsmanship. Petek Leather is a well-known Turkish brand that produces a wide range of leather shoes for men and women, made using traditional techniques and designed to last for years.

Turkish Leather Sector Report:

The leather and leather products sector report offers insights into the industry's production, export, and environmental efforts in Turkey. Since the 1970s, the sector has played an increasingly important role in Turkey's economy, developing rapidly with significant exports of leather products using both domestic and imported raw materials. However, due to insufficient domestic production standards, the industry has shifted towards registered exports. The leather processing industry is concentrated in several regions of Turkey, with over 7,000 firms employing more than 71,000 workers. The sector has been adopting environmentally friendly production techniques since the 1990s, leading to the production of eco-friendly products. In 2021, leather and leather products exports increased by 38.6%, reaching $1.9 billion.

The leather clothing sub-sector is essential, with exports increasing by 24.3% in 2021 compared to the previous year, amounting to $141.6 million. Germany holds the largest share of leather clothing exports at 13.2%, followed by the United States, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Netherlands. The table shows the top 15 countries for leather clothing exports and their respective changes in 2021.

Turkey is also famous for its leather jackets. Turkish leather jacket brands, such as Derimod, Koton, and Mavi, are popular worldwide, offering a wide range of styles and designs. The cost of a leather jacket in Turkey can vary depending on the brand, style, and leather quality. However, Turkish leather jackets are generally more affordable than those in other countries while maintaining high quality. Istanbul is an excellent place to shop for leather jackets in Turkey, with a wide range of stores and markets offering various styles and designs.

Turkish leather jackets for men are popular, with numerous styles available. Men's Turkish leather jackets often feature a classic and timeless look, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a classic biker jacket or a more modern design, there is a Turkish leather jacket for every style and taste.

In conclusion, the Turkish leather industry is well-established and highly regarded for its high-quality leather products. From leather shoes to leather jackets, Turkey offers a wide range of leather products in various styles and designs. If you are interested in buying as a wholesaler, you can check our business listing and collaborate with Turkish leather manufacturers.