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About Us

MetalWorm specializes in additive manufacturing solutions, offering a range of products that cater to various industrial needs. Their product line includes a series of compact and specialized systems designed for robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM).

Here's a summary of their key products:

MHTTN1000: This compact system features dimensions of 2.4m×3.4m×2.4m and can produce components up to Ø0.7m×0.7m in size. It incorporates a two-axis positioner with a payload capacity of 1000 kg and utilizes an industrial robot (brand and model may vary, with options like KUKA, FANUC, and ABB).

MHTTN500RP: A slightly smaller system with dimensions of 2m×2m×2.4m, capable of producing components of 1m×0.5m×0.7m. It includes a 2-station rotary positioner, supporting a payload of 500 kg, and employs an ABB- IRB1660ID-6/1.55 industrial robot.

MHTTN500DS: This system has the same dimensions as the MHTTN1000 but comes with a double skyhook system. It offers the same size capabilities for component production and uses an ABB- IRB2600ID-15/1.85 robot.

MHTTN500THDZ: Similar in size to the MHTTN1000 and MHTTN500DS, this system incorporates a THDZ positioner with a 500 kg payload capacity and also uses the ABB- IRB2600ID-15/1.85 robot.

In addition to these products, MetalWorm offers custom solutions tailored to specific needs. Their systems are available in both standard and advanced models, featuring various power sources, safety equipment, and additional options like torch cleaning, in-cell lighting, and CCTV.

The advanced models come with additional features such as MetalWorm Machine Vision, MetalWorm Control, and MetalWorm Anomaly Detection software, along with advanced sensors like laser distance sensors, humidity and temperature sensors, and various specialized cameras and meters.

MetalWorm's focus on additive manufacturing is evident in their product lineup, showcasing their expertise in robotic WAAM systems designed for efficiency, precision, and adaptability to different industrial applications.


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