Soft Drinks in Turkey

What do Soft Drinks Include?

The soft drinks non-alcoholic beverage business includes natural mineral water, carbonated water, bottled water, lemonade, orangeade, cola, fruit drinks, tonic water, ice tea, boza, and more.

Due to Turkey's location near the Alp-Himalaya Mountains range, the country has a significant potential for water and mineral water resources. The soft drink industry in Turkey dates back to the 1890s, and due to Turkey's industrial development, the soft drink manufacturing business has significantly evolved. Today, Turkey has several well-known soft drink beverage manufacturers, some of which export their products to European, Middle Eastern, and Caucasus countries. However, the soft drink industry in Turkey is still open to expansion worldwide if domestic or foreign investments are made in soft drink businesses in Turkey.

Why is Turkey Open to Soft Drink Investment?

According to Statistica, the average consumption of soft drinks per person is expected to be 117.20 liters in 2022. However, the most consumed soft drink volume is over 400 liters per person in developed countries. When comparing soft drink consumption between Turkey and EU countries, Turkey's domestic market still has a long way to go. So the growth expectation is 2.3% per year when only considering the domestic market. If we also consider the growth of the export market, the volume of production and sales in Turkey is expected to increase.

Is Investing in Soft Drink Business Profitable in Turkey?

Yes, it is. When we compare the production and consumption statistics, it is expected that Turkish people will spend more money on soft beverages, which is also related to the social and economic development of the population. People's behavior changes at all levels, and their needs for living are also affected by these changes. For example, while tea is the most consumed hot beverage in Turkey, young people, especially university students, prefer sweet carbonated drinks. Moreover, mineral water consumption is still low compared to EU countries. Mineral water manufacturers aim to expand their market and expect mineral water to become the second most popular beverage after drinking water.

Therefore, the reasons mentioned above are based on observations, but the statistics also indicate that investing in soft drink business in Turkey is profitable.

How to Invest in Soft Drink Business in Turkey?

There are several options for investing in soft drink business. Since drinking water constitutes 70% of the soft drink market, we will discuss drinking and mineral water business below.

  1. Establish a Soft Drink Factory

According to the BEBKA report, establishing a drinking and mineral water factory would result in:

  • Total production volume of 80,000,000 liters per year
  • Number of employees: 60-65
  • Total investment: 3,500,000 USD
  • Return on investment (RoI): 30 months
  1. Invest in an Existing Manufacturer Company

There are 363 licensed drinking and mineral water manufacturing companies in Turkey, located as shown below. You can conduct a market analysis and decide to partner with one of them.

One option to invest in the soft drink business is to become a franchisee of a well-known soft drink company. You can browse our business directory to explore the available products.

Soft Drink Production in Turkey:

Which soft drink is the most produced in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the total volume of soft drinks produced in 2020 was 17,254,390,692 liters. Of this production, drinking water accounts for 70%, soda pop for 23%, and mineral or artificially sweetened water for 4%.

  1. Drinking Water - 70%

The total volume of production for Turkish non-sweetened and non-flavored waters, including ice and snow, bottled unaerated natural and artificial mineral waters, was 12,132,229,307 liters in 2020. The sales value of these products was 5,341,872,718 ₺.

  1. Soda Pop (Sweet Carbonated Drink) - 23%

The total volume of production for Turkish sweetened artificial soda, cola-flavored soda, sweetened fruity soda, and unmixed sweetened soda was 3,931,759,110 liters in 2020. The sales value of these products was 5,881,431,170 ₺.

  1. Natural and Artificial Unsweetened Mineral Water - 4%

The total volume of production for Turkish natural and artificial unsweetened mineral water and aerated water was 719,136,194 liters in 2020. The sales value of these products was 1,989,842,317 ₺.

  1. Ice Tea - 2%

The total volume of production for Turkish ice tea was 321,414,990 liters in 2020. The sales value of these products was 564,452,658 ₺.

  1. Other Soft Drinks - 1%

The total volume of production for Turkish non-alcoholic beverages not containing milk fat (excluding sweetened or unsweetened mineral; aerated or flavored waters) was 149,851,091 liters in 2020. The sales value of these products was 252,470,193 ₺.

Foreign Trade of Soft Drinks in Turkey:

According to
 trademap In 2020 the exporting total volume of soft drink is;

Soda Pop (Sweet Carbonated Drink)

191.155.000 USD

Drinking Water & Natural and Artificial Unsweetened Mineral Water

51.460.000 USD


242.615.000 USD


Where does Turkey export soft drink?

Top Ten Countries Turkey Export Soda Pop (Sweet Carbonated Drink) in 2020


28.816.000 USD

United Arab Emirates

17.025.000 USD


16.331.000 USD


16.195.000 USD

Syrian Arab Republic

15.565.000 USD


10.893.000 USD

United Kingdom

8.878.000 USD


5.630.000 USD


4.948.000 USD

United States of America

4.680.000 USD


Top Ten Countries Turkey Export Drinking Water & Natural and Artificial Unsweetened Mineral Water in 2020

United Kingdom

12.496.000 USD


10.709.000 USD


6.121.000 USD

United Arab Emirates

5.108.000 USD


2.414.000 USD


2.161.000 USD


1.646.000 USD


1.084.000 USD

Saudi Arabia

759.000 USD


710.000 USD


Retail Prices of Soft Drinks in Turkey

Have you ever wondered how much soft drinks cost in different countries? You may also be interested in looking at water price rankings by country.

Turkey ranks 101st out of 104 countries with a retail price of 0.27 USD per 1.5 liter bottle of soft drink. The retail price of water in Turkey is the lowest among these countries. Despite the increase in inflation over the last 6 months, Turkey has been able to resist raising the prices of soft drinks, excluding imported or semi-imported soft drinks.

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